I assume that you are a Pawan Kalyan fan/follower as you specifically asking for ISM book. I may be wrong. I didn't find ISM book in any online. ISM Book - Ideology Of Jana Sena Party. likes · 1 talking about this. "ISM" Book is penned by Pawan Kalyan with Raju Ravi Tej. This book is going. @PawanKalyan Welcome to Twitter world! May your tweets educate the youth and strengthen democracy. JANASENA should become PRABHANJANA SENA.

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    Pawan Kalyan Ism Book

    c _c Pawan Kalyan is a socio- political. Power star Pawan Kalyan who is going to address a public gathering for the first time as a Party President has reached Visakhapatnam. All through my life right from my childhood since school days I always had one question in my mind, “How to live without fear?”. As a part of our Bharath cultural .

    Create a social political army for a just and balanced society Jana Sena means an army of people. Pawan Kalyan is a socio-political leader and reformist and the party he has started has the vision to build a socio-political reality that the entire public wants but has not found a voice in recent times. Why Sena? The word Sena signifies an army. In the vision of Jana Senas creator Mr. A Sena has these qualities. This is the reason why we respect our army and have faith in its ability to protect us. It has become necessary to create a Jana Sena, a socio-political army, because there is a great dearth of sincerity in our political leaders and political parties.

    Aims and objectives 1. Create greater political representation that is just and balanced, especially with youth of our nation 2. Create a disciplined force of people that can harness the great potential of every member of our society 3. Unite all people with lasting ideals of our nation rather than political expediency Ideology An ideology is a set of ideals and principles that form the core of any person or group of people or society or a nation. Complete and unflinching faith in those principles makes them into an ideology that becomes a guiding light.

    Ideals are values that one stands by and uses them to navigate through the thick and thin of a journey. The most important feature of an ideology is that the values laid in an ideology do not change when the circumstances change.

    Pawankalyan Jana Sena ISM PDF Ideology Free Download | Ideologies | Justice

    Nothing could be more important than this. The frustration of our people with politics and political leaders is that they do not stand for a firm ideal or value. Jana Sena's ideology comes from this firm belief of Mr.

    Pawan Kalyan that in public life one must stand by ones convictions and not lose faith in them when the situations become tough. Jana Sena's Values and Ideals 1. We must endeavour to treat our fellow humans the same we as we treat ourselves 2. Law must not discriminate between powerful and powerless people 3.

    Equality of conditions must prevail for all people 4. The best among the society must occupy the top-most place based on what they do and not who they are 5. Our life must have balance based in nature 6. We must be connected with our divinity I am not a "Politician" I am not a politician. The word politician has become so abused in our world that people have come to associate the word with corruption, manipulation, opportunism, lying and deceiving.

    Politicians have become notorious for changing their values to suit their situations. Politics has become the art of gaining and keeping power. Getting into political office and powerful positions has become the only aim of politicians and political parties.

    Chiranjeevi’s remarks on ‘ISM’ book his personal views: Pawan Kalyan

    In my life I have seen the gradual decline of politicians, with it I saw a gradual increase in anger. I am not a politician; I am just like everyone who has experienced this frustration.

    I have decided to form Jana Sena Party because there are many people who are like me. I know they are within you and I want to establish that deep and vital connection with you.

    A new political reality must emerge from all our frustrations. We are more capable and greater than we know. We must create a new force that will not play politics with people, but serves them with sincerity, cleanliness, undying values and discipline. If you believe in this, become part of Jana Sena. Join me in creating a great new political reality of socially conscious people who will reclaim their country from the politicians.

    Everyone who deceives the people is the enemy of the people.

    Regardless of the party they come from, every politician who does injustice, who changes his values to suit gain political mileage, who exploits the need and misery in people to get into positions of power for purely personal gain is societys enemy.

    We have to identify them and fight them.

    Pawankalyan Jana Sena ISM PDF Ideology Free Download

    We dont fight political parties but the entire political class that is bad. Let us all push the bad to one side. And let us fight them to the finish. Party Emblem and Flag The Party Emblem is a combination forces that define our nation's life and struggle. The white background The white background on which it stands signifies the peace and stability of several thousands of years of Indian civilisation and culture.

    The colour Red The Emblem itself is in the colour red, which signifies revolution. Adeep and true change from within, yet the story of that change is told on the stable background of our ancient nation. The six-pointed Star The star in the Emblem is a six pointed star that signifies the 6 ideals of our party.

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