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  1. Microsoft® SharePoint® Designer 2010
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  3. Download SharePoint 2010 Walkthrough Guide from Official Microsoft Download Center
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Welcome to Microsoft® SharePoint® Designer Step by Step. SharePoint Designer. is a free, powerful tool that together with Microsoft products such . Understanding What's New in SharePoint Designer Welcome to Microsoft® SharePoint® Designer Step by Step. SharePoint. 15 Using SharePoint Foundation with InfoPath 16 Finding Designer ” in Microsoft SharePoint Designer Step by Step by Penelope. Coventry (Microsoft .pdf file extension, permission levels.

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Microsoft Sharepoint Designer 2010 Step By Step Pdf

The smart way to build applications with Microsoft SharePoint Designer -- one step at a time! Experience learning made easy -- and quickly teach yourself. Microsoft SharePoint Designer would be targeted to business and USE THE QUICK TAG EDITOR. Follow these steps to practice using the Quick Tag Editor. This walkthrough guide is designed to provide a step-by-step overview of Microsoft® SharePoint®

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Tip: Once you open a SharePoint site in SharePoint Designer, you can open individual files, that are not stored within the site.

Another reason why you it is easier to complete similar tasks with SharePoint Designer than using the web browser to is the Navigation pane. This replaces the Folder List task pane in SharePoint Designer and focuses on SharePoint objects and not where the objects are stored. You can then pin each of these object types to show their contents in a mini-gallery, whilst you complete another task in the workspace.

Microsoft® SharePoint® Designer 2010

Although SharePoint Designer is a wonderful tool, it is not a tool that everyone should use, for example, if you only have contributor rights on a site you will not be able to use SharePoint Designer. Therefore you may see different SharePoint objects in the Navigation pane as compared to another user or depending on the site collection where the site is located. Tip: Using the Log In As icon in the SharePoint Designer status bar, you can log in as another user without closing and restarting the program.

When you create the top level site in a site collection based on the team site template, then by default - users who are members of the Site Owners and Designers site groups can use SharePoint Designer. However they cannot customize site definition pages, nor can they see the hidden URL structure of a SharePoint site — the hierarchical tree view displayed when you click All File in the Navigation pane, that shows where files are physical or virtually located in a site. When you create a site collection using the Publishing Portal site template, then site owners and designers have no such limitations.

Download SharePoint Walkthrough Guide from Official Microsoft Download Center

This does make sense. On publishing site collections, you will probably want to delegate the control of content to individuals on a site by site basis. These individuals may need to create their own page layouts and change the branding of their sites.

On team sites, you may wish to keep the same look and feel throughout the site collection and prevent all but site collection owners from customizing site definition pages. Tip: Whenever you create a new site collection, check that the SharePoint Designer settings meet your business needs. Microsoft has also addressed the issue that when you saved a site definition page with SharePoint Designer , it would always store a copy of the page in the content database — known as customizing or un-ghosting the page, even when this was not necessary.

The empty workflow is now created. A link to the document template should be specified in the parameters for this activity. The full path to the document should be specified.

Download SharePoint 2010 Walkthrough Guide from Official Microsoft Download Center

It is necessary to specify the full path to the document library. We select Content Control as the parameter and indicate which document should be updated.

Also, we should indicate the data that should be added to the field: The remaining fields are filled in similarly: Next, we should add an action to convert the updated document into a PDF file.

The Invoice that was created and completed above is used as the parameter: Execution of this action will take a while. So, we need to suspend the Workflow until the conversion is finished.

The path to this document should be specified as the parameter: Now we should add an action to send the generated invoice via email. And specify the path to the generated PDF invoice.

Introducing SharePoint Designer

The workflow is ready. It looks like: Save the Workflow. Now we should set the Workflow to be launched automatically when new list item is created. Check your mailbox, the invoice in PDF should be there. Check the message subject and make sure that all Invoice fields are filled in properly. You can also watch the video of the whole process of creating this workflow: Learn more about HarePoint Workflow Extensions and over new actions to automate any business process without programming.

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